Q: What percent of your students attend college? What schools do they attend?

A: Between 93% and 98% of our students are college bound on a given year. Students are accepted into Cal State schools, UC schools, and many private colleges.


Q: Do students have to reapply to go to Calvary Chapel High School?

A: Our students automatically transfer from junior high to high school. We typically have more than a 90% return rate from 8th to 9th grade.


Q:What are the advantages of attending Calvary Chapel Junior High School?

  • Your child will form relationships with other students that can be maintained from 7th grade to high school graduation.
  • Your child will have multiple opportunities to compete in after-school athletics.
  • Your child will be challenged by a strong academic curriculum.
  • Your child will be surrounded by a Christian environment with an open, sincere emphasis on God’s Word and living a life pleasing to God.
  • Your child will learn from teachers that love their students and teach them academically, as well as model for them what a real Christian looks like.
  • Your child will be part of a school that is small enough for every student to know one another and large enough for students to find new friends as they grow and mature.
  • Your child will be blessed and encouraged by a faculty and administration desirous to serve and minister to both students and families.


Q: What is the Adolescent Whooping Cough Booster (Tdap) Requirement?

A: For the current school year, and all future school years, all students entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization (called “Tdap”) for school in the fall. This new school immunization law affects all students in public and private schools.


Q: What is your discipline process like?

A: We implement an active discipline system based on demerits. Students receive points for talking in class or other inappropriate behavior. Points are accumulated, and detentions, suspensions, and expulsions occur at different point totals. Teachers verbally tell students every time a point is given. Parents receive an email every time a point is given. Students may be asked to leave CCJHS for certain serious behaviors or infractions. Please see the student handbook for specifics.


Q: What sort of curriculum do you use?

A: All of our teachers are strong Christian men and women. Our curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview and perspective. For specifics on text books, please click on "Curriculum" under the Academics tab on the homepage.
Q: What do students do for lunch?
A: We have a great lunch program that is kid-friendly and offers healthy choices. Choices vary each day of the week and may include turkey wraps, chicken cheese burritos, cheeseburgers, taco salads, baked potato, salads, cup of noodles, and many more. Students can also buy food at break after second period. You may click on the food menu link for the monthly lunch calendar.


Q: Is there any sort of after-school program?

A: We do not have an after school program for our junior high students. The library is open until 4 pm daily, and students can read or study there. Typically, students should leave the campus by 3:15 PM.


Q: Do your students use computers?

A: Yes. We have a computer resource lab (CRL), and our 7th grade students are required to take a one-semester computer class designed to teach students how to research and use technology in a real and practical way integrated within the class’s curriculum. Students are also permitted to use the computers in the library during lunch and before and after school.
Q: What sort of technology do you have at school?

A: Our teachers use projectors for videos and PowerPoint presentations. Our CRL is equipped with thirty Dell desktop computers, a mounted projector, and a remote InterWrite pad. Our life science class is equipped with a video microscope. All classrooms have interactive "smart board" technology as well. As mentioned above, students also have access to computers in the library.


Q: What electives do you offer?

A: 7th grade students are automatically enrolled in two elective classes, each of which is a one-semester class.

8th  grade students may select from a variety of electives. CCJHS annually determines which classes will be offered for the upcoming school year.


Q: What do you offer for PE?

A: CCJHS students participate in PE every day. Students will change into a PE uniform and participate in sports, calisthenics, and the Presidential Fitness Program.
Q: What sort of partnership do you have with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa?

A: We have a great relationship with our church. We are an extension of the ministry of CCCM. The junior high pastor is actively involved with our school, and many of our students attend the youth group on Wednesday night. Our entire staff attends services at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.


Q: What after school sports programs do you offer?

A: Currently, CCJHS athletes may participate in the following:
  • Girls--volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball
  • Boys--flag football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball