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Community Service Information

Community Service is a requirement at Calvary Chapel Junior High School.


The purpose of a community service project is to develop leadership by helping those who are in need in our community.



  • Students must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours per school year. These hours may be completed at any time during the school year, including the summer months prior to the start of the year.  
  • Students must document on the blue Community Service Record Card (available in the school office or print PDF to the right) all community service hours. 
  • Students who do not complete the mandatory hours of community service will have the missing hours added to the following year. 
  • Community service is a requirement for graduation at Calvary Chapel High School. 
  • Due date for hours is Friday, June 2, 2021


Guideline Do's;

  • Students may serve at any church or non-profit ministry (soup kitchens, homeless ministries, etc.) 
  • Students may serve youth athletic programs (volunteering as a referee, assisting with practices, etc.) 
  • Students serve with an organization to help clean up our beaches or parks


Guideline Don’ts;

  • Students may not do any work for a for-profit corporation, business or do anything for payment. 
  • Students may not receive service hours for donating money, groceries, clothing or unwanted items. 

Please check with the CCJHS administration if you have any questions about whether a particular activity will qualify for community service.